How to easily accelerate a Website on any platform with SpeedWeb

Speeding up your website is a breeze with SpeedWeb

SpeedWeb is a software application that uses Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to effectively accelerate web sites’ loading time thus also increasing site’s SEO ranking. SpeedWeb is platform independent and can speed up WordPress, other CMS and sites created on any framework

By using Machine Learning, SpeedWeb can check and analyze any website! The software optimizes each web page’s code and makes it lighter so as to reduce the pages loading time.

All is achieved without altering any functionality or the code of the Source Site


Checks the code and analyzes its structure and critical issues in real time


Optimizes and updates the rendering of the pages of the site making them lighter and loading faster


Improves page load time for better and more fluid user experience

Why should you activate SpeedWeb on your Website?

Activating  SpeedWeb on your Website is not just a speed increase, but mainly a productivity improvement in order to create added value for your business! Machine Learning algorithms, constantly learning, costantly scan your web site so as to offer a user experience that is always fluid and pleasant for your customers and visitors. SpeedWeb will increase your web site’s Conversion Rate

Nothing to install and no maintenance required, you only get benefits thanks to AI

SpeedWeb runs on Autopilot and does not take server space, simply set it and forget it, forever.

More speed

By lowering the pages loading time, the users dropout rate is reduced thus increasing the Conversion Rate, and generating better results for you

Improved security

SpeedWeb's integrated SSL certificate generation protects Visitors and Customers privacy and improves your website's security

Increased visibility

A fast and well-optimized website is rewarded by Google and other search engines because, with the same content as competing sites, speed affects SEO. Google will give your site a better result in SERP so as to be visible to a greater number of potential new customers

Constant updates

Our Machine Learning system continuously scans the origin website and updates, constantly and dynamically in real time, all the changes made so to show any change made to pages or introduction of new features

Watch the video below to see SpeedWeb in action

What our customers say:

Maximum speed in each plan

Our plans are designed to meet the needs of all websites. SpeedWeb has four types of service plans, and all of them include all of SpeedWeb’s features in terms of performance. All plans make full use of the power and speed of our Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Your site will always use SpeedWeb at its maximum speed and power with all the features, none excluded!

Website with standard content update frequency

Website with medium content update frequency

Website with high content update frequency

We analyze your needs with you to identify the best solution for your company

Do you own a Web Agency?

We are looking for qualified collaborations with Web Agencies world wide. With SpeedWeb you will improve the online presence of your customers, and offer them an important added value. We will always be by your side. with dedicated and highly qualified support.

Contact us to discuss our agency program

Good to know:


SpeedWeb is a software that significantly reduces the loading time of your website in a simple and fast way on autopilot and without any kind of intervention from your side

No changes at all. Once your order is completed, you will receive a 12-digit code to input in your domain’s control panel, that’s all. Easy, isn’t it?

No worries at all, SpeedWeb will generate the SSL certificate for you, thus securing the traffic to and from your site. If your website is already equipped with an SSL certificate, SpeedWeb will still generate an ad hoc one

If you are not sure which is the correct method to perform a speed test that is really accurate and precise, contact us and we will help you by explaining you the correct procedures.

Absolutely No, SpeedWeb does not access your server or even your database

Each web page is unique, only through Machine Learning it is possible to apply the appropriate and specific optimization rules that accelerate the website by acting appropriately on each page

Choosing which is the  most suitable plan  for your business depends on the  frequency update of  the contents of your website. To better understand which plan is suitable for your needs feel free to contact us, we are ready to help and support.

Any Web platform benefits from the use of SpeedWeb: sites with the most common CMS, WordPress, created in Html or with Bootstrap, Ecommerce etc. Thanks to SpeedWeb, you will only have to worry about the contents and no longer go crazy about optimizations. Our Machine Learning system takes care of speed and optimization

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